Using Eco-Hybrid Fuel and Bio-Eco-Hybrid Fuels as Home Heating Oil

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SeaChange has been working for the last few months with the Maine Maritime Academy METEL lab in Bucksport to test  our Eco-Hybrid FuelTM (EHF) and Bio-Eco-HybridTM (Bio-EHF) fuel in home heating oil equipment with excellent results.  Cycle starts and flame propagation have been very close if not identical  to standard heating oil in the same equipment.  The exciting point to this is no additional equipment was needed in order to use EHF based fuels in a home heating oil applications.  Only adjustments to the equipment fuel and air settings was needed.

EHF can replace up to 50% Diesel with a renewable fuel that is vegetable based and has much better emissions profile than seen with straight ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) with the added benefits of domestic sourcing and increased lubricity effects within equipment used.

Bio-EHF shares all the same benefits of EHF, but can contain – depending on the blend, as little as 25% ULSD.  That is a 75 % reduction in petroleum for every gallon of Bio-EHF.  And  like reductions resulted in Carbon Oxides, Nitrogen Oxides, Sulfur Oxides with only limited adjustments to the home heating oil burner’s system to allow its use.

Work continues but this is some of the most exciting results we’ve seen so far in application testing.

Find the possibilities interesting? We welcome the opportunity to discuss this exciting technology that will positively impact our environment and change how diesel engines operate around the globe for years to come.