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Testing diesel/glycerol emulsion fuel on Maine Maritime Academy's Quickwater

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Developing Diesel/Glycerin Emulsion Fuel for Use in Commercial Diesel Engines.

Working with a Maine startup company, Sea Change Group LLC (SCG), the Marine Engine Testing and Emissions Laboratory (METEL) team, located at the Maine Maritime Academy, is helping to develop and implement a fuel that combines glycerin with diesel fuel to lower both operating cost and emissions for marine diesel engines.

“Glycerin is a low-cost feed-stock byproduct of the biodiesel industry and is a carbon-neutral fuel that contains little sulfur and can reduce sulfur emissions by dilution when blended with other fuels. Glycerin is a viable low-cost fuel that can reduce emissions in the same manner as water emulsions, but can provide net power because it is a fuel. Glycerin also can have favorable characteristics for lubricating injectionsystems. Testing has shown emissions comparable to ultra-low sulfur diesel (USLD) fuel, with no appreciable change in engine efficiency. It has promise to reduce emissions further through the addition of an oxidized fuel source in the combustion process (much the way that ethanol works in gasoline).”

Here is the article on “Developing Diesel/Glycerin Emulsion Fuel for Use in Commercial Diesel Engines“.