SeaChange and Bio-Eco-Hybrid Fuels

The many markets for SeaChange Group's Bio-Eco-Hybrid fuel

SeaChange Group LLC is a highly innovative renewable bio-fuels company. SCG is beginning to introduce its patented, environmentally sustainable Bio-Eco-Hybrid™ fuels (Bio-EHF™) to the market as a drop-in fuel for the maritime, off-road construction, rail and heating industries.

Why SeaChange and our Bio-Eco-Hybrid™ Fuels:

  • Meets or exceeds regulatory requirements for lowering emissions and protects the environment
  • Dramatically reduces dependency on petroleum  – increases fuel security and dependability of source
  • Patented throughout North America and parts of Europe
  • Less costly and more effective than competitive products
  • Drop-in/Transparent Fuel for the end user
  • Opens new markets for Biodiesel Manufacturers
  • Bio-EHFs™ can be modified for most diesel applications

Our market research indicates an increase of 6-8% in profitability for the biodiesel manufacturers and a drop-in fuel for end users which will increase billable operating time. SCG is starting to build a foundation for licensing agreements across the United States.

Maine Maritime Academy (MMA) logo Through our close collaboration with Maine Maritime Academy and it’s Marine Engine Testing & Emissions Lab (METEL), SCG continues research on increased blends of Bio-EHF fuel and different industry applications. Our fuels continue extensive field-testing aboard the UTV Quickwater and in other larger diesel engines.

We welcome anopportunity to discuss how our process can increase the profit of your operation moving forward.  Please call (207) 274-4060 or email today to learn more.