Biodiesel Manufacturers

Opportunity to License SeaChange’s Bio-Eco-HybridTM Fuel

Biodiesel Manufacturers- here is an opportunity to take your waste product, glycerin, and turn it into a new product.

For maritime, railroad, power plants, heating, off-road construction and other sectors, U.S. and global emissions regulations are becoming much more stringent. Operators need fuels that are cost competitive, have lower emissions, are regulatory compliant, and improve fuel performance. As a licensee of SeaChange Group LLC, we can provide you with options for the use of your “waste” glycerin including new markets and options for decoupling from the petroleum industry.

Bio-EHF will help you expand into new markets. Our testing encompasses maritime, off-road construction, rail and recently we have begun testing our blends with home heating burners. A recent study indicates our Bio-EHF fuel has the potential to increase profitability by 6-8% over biodiesel fuels in the market.

We can help you ramp-up production and increase your bottom-line profit, in current or new Bio-EHF alternative markets, from something that has been considered a “waste” item until now.

Call us at (207) 274-4060 or email us to learn how you can license our Eco-Hybrid fuel.