Fuel Security

Moving Away from Oil Dependency and into Fuel Security

Using SeaChange’s Bio-Eco-HybridTM (Bio-EHF) fuel can contribute to a measurable reduction in petro-diesel fuels. Bio-EHF “50” offsets @ 65% of ULSD with renewable content. Bio-EHFs of up 100% renewable content are being tested.

Bio-EHFs can use locally sourced glycerol and biodiesel. Biodiesel increasingly, and in some areas primarily, is made from waste fats, greases and oils.

By leveraging existing production and blending facilities EHF/Bio-EHF increases dependability of energy sources outside of the global oil economy. Reduction of petro-diesel content supports the goals of moving our economy (and others) away from oil market dependency; an increase in energy and sovereign security.

This further contributes to the sustainability of SCG’s fuels. This model holds true for any installation globally.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about this exciting new fuel. Please call (207) 274-4060 or email.