Environmental Impact – Emissions Improvement

Bio-EHF Testing found Exceptional Performance in Emissions Improvement

Maine Maritime Academy‚Äôs Marine Engine Testing and Emissions Lab (METEL) is testing SeaChange’s Bio-Eco-HybridTM fuels. The fuels show exceptional performance in the scope of emissions improvement, meeting and exceeding the threshold of compliance with the Tier III emissions standards. METEL has validated this in 4 stroke sub 150 KW turbocharged diesel engines.

For every percentage of Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) fuel that is replaced by Bio-EHF/EHF there is a direct correlation of emissions improvement with that fuel. Optimization is ongoing with commercial ready Bio-EHF “50” and with increasingly higher proportions of Bio-EHF to ULSD.

A producer can market a fuel that meets Tier II and Tier III emissions standards and they have an off-the-shelf fuel for legacy and newer engines.

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