Why Eco-Hybrid?

Are new emissions standards and increasing costs of diesel fuel a concern for your marine, rail or power generation company?

Try Eco-Hybrid Fuels: Blending more renewable content into todays’ commercial and industrial fuels:

  • Meet or Exceed Emissions Requirements
  • Support Energy and Fuel Security
  • Offer Enhanced ROI for Producer/Blenders
  • Competitively Priced for End-Users
  • Transparent & Drop-in Renewable Diesel or Heating Fuel
  • Operational Savings
  • Commercial Ready

SeaChange Group has developed a family of Eco-Hybrid Fuels, using our patented glycerol-diesel (EHF) and glycerol-biodiesel (Bio-EHF) emulsion technologies. These are drop-in fuels that will provide lower operational costs and improvements to emissions (SOx, NOx, PM), without requiring any engine modifications.

The current, commercial ready fuels are emulsions of glycerol, surfactants, biodiesel and Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) fuels.

Using Glycerol as a Fuel Additive

Glycerol as a fuel additive has benefits both economic and environmental. Working closely with Maine Maritime Academy, and funded by grants from the Department of Energy, National Science Foundation and the Maine Technology Institute, SeaChange Group is focused on the development and commercialization of low-cost fuels with lower emissions for land-based transportation, marine, heating, and industrial power applications. SeaChange Group has designed and installed a fuel emulsion processor with capacity to meet full scale fuel testing and early adopter commercial needs.

Professor Richard Kimball of the Maine Maritime Academy discuses testing of EcoHybrid Fuel (EHF) a glycerol-diesel emulsified fuel. EHF is a drop-in fuel for diesel engines developed by SeaChange Group LLC.

Bio-EHF enables biodiesel producers to use the glycerol byproduct in a new, value-added fuel product that can be sold either through the existing supply chain or directly to end-customers.

SeaChange Group is currently looking for investors and biodiesel manufacturers interested in licensing this technology.  Please call (207) 274-4060 or email us to learn more.