Eco-Hybrid Fuel has its first sea trial aboard the Quickwater!

SeaChange Group and Maine Maritime's METEL team aboard the Quickwater

May 14th, 2015: This is a very significant milestone as Eco-Hybrid Fuel (EHF) has demonstrated the ability to run on the diesel engines of a typical marine vessel without any engine modifications.

The Maine Maritime Academy‘s Marine Engine Testing and Emissions Laboratory (METEL) works closely with SeaChange Group LLC in the development of this fuel.

Sea Trial testing diesel/glycerol emulsion fuel on Maine Maritime Academy's Quickwater vessel
The R/V Quickwater is a 41′ workboat, a former Coast Guard vessel, donated to the Maine Maritime Academy.

The R/V Quickwater is a 41 foot twin screw Deep V planing aluminum hulled vessel powered by two V903 Cummins engines.  It has been outfitted with secondary fuel tanks and fuel systems to accommodate alternative fuels in addition to traditional diesel fuel. In addition, the vessel is fitted with all necessary instrumentation to accurately measure and record the emissions (NOx, THC, CO, CO2 , PM) and efficiency of the engines.

Controls in the MMA vessel monitoring data for the EcoHybrid fuel sea trial
Controls in the Quickwater monitoring data for the Eco-Hybrid fuel sea trial