Enhanced Return on Investment

Hand in hand with fuel security comes a positive return on investment (ROI) for biodiesel producers.

A New Value-Added Fuel Product and Biodiesel Revenue Source

Bio-Eco-HybridTM fuels offer biodiesel producers the opportunity to decouple, at least in part, from the petroleum distribution chain. A primary source of glycerol is biodiesel production, where glycerol represents a waste stream and a line item cost. Alternately, Bio-EHF represents a revenue source; utilizing glycerol blended with the primary biodiesel product as a new value-added fuel product; a direct conversion of cost to revenue.

Further, locally sourced components represent a significantly lower cost by volume than market ULSD. The higher the percentage by volume of Bio-EHF/EHF to ULSD, the higher the profit*. Economies of scale further increase the financial benefit to the producer/blender.

Biodiesel producers can turn an estimated 10 percent loss experienced as disposal cost to revenue through offering an additional renewable fuel at par with biodiesel, or even discounted and marketed as industrial fuel.  There is also a favorable profit margin when opting to source blend grade glycerol on the open market.

Operational Savings

Bio-EHFs and EHFs can be used in a wide range of applications: rail, HD off-road, boilers, marine, power generation.  The fuels are drop-in fuels that are managed, as are current fuels. Bio-EHFs (and EHFs) are cost competitive with currently used fuels such as ULSD or LSMGO.  The fuels are expected to provide additional value and savings through the operational benefits of using a higher viscosity and lubricious fuel resulting in longer and fewer maintenance cycles.

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