On May 14th 2015, EcoHybrid Fuel (EHF) successfully conducted its first sea trial on the Quickwater.  Professor Richard Kimball explains how EHF can be used as a drop-in fuel for diesel engines.

Are new emissions standards and increasing costs of diesel fuel a concern for your marine, rail or power generation company? 

SeaChange Group has developed a family of Eco-Hybrid Fuels, using our patented glycerol-diesel (EHF) and glycerol-biodiesel (Bio-EHF) emulsion technologies. These are drop-in fuels that will provide lower operational costs and improvements to emissions (SOx, NOx, PM), without requiring any engine modifications. Glycerol as a fuel additive has benefits both economic and environmental. Working closely with Maine Maritime Academy, and funded by grants from the Department of Energy, National Science Foundation and the Maine Technology Institute, SeaChange Group is focused on the development and

Full scale fuel testing on Maine Maritime Academy’s 41-ft RV Quickwater, a workboat powered by twin 600-hp Cummins V903 diesel engines.

commercialization of low-cost fuels with lower emissions for land-based transportation, marine, heating, and industrial power applications. SeaChange Group has designed and installed a fuel emulsion processor with capacity to meet full scale fuel testing and early adopter commercial needs.